In order to speed up our designing phase, last year we decided to invest our ship design knowledge in developing marine platform for Rhinoceros 5 x64.

        We are proudly present SD SOFTWARE®

SD SOFTWARE® is a unique, simple and low-cost platform primarily designed for the shipbuilding industry, but it can be used in other areas of mechanical industry as well. It was developed as a supplement to the Rhinoceros v5 basic package especially valuable to naval architects, design centres and shipyards with following features:

– SD offers a wide pallet of additional tools for fast 3D modelling typical for shipbuilding
– Automatic positioning of structural elements with naming in a shipbuilding manner
– Automatic specs/part lists creation with weight and COG info
– Quick semi-automatic cross-section extraction, preparation for 2D drawing and export to any Cad software package
– Quick extraction of structural elements for CNC cutting preparation
– Automatic profile extraction and preparation for 2D profile sketches
– Quickly and simple shell expansion
– Bending templates production

Main benefits of SD SOFTWARE®:

– Low-cost & simple application
– Inexpensive equipment (unlike competition software solutions, Rhinoceros is not high demanding for hardware requirements)
– Low-cost & easy personnel training
– Possibility of simultaneous work at multiple locations in the world.  No participants number limitation at any levels of project development*
– Compatibility with all other similar software packages (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SC or similar)
– Adaptability to the client’s demands and practice.


– Working with no database requires some manual operating especially during alterations,
– Parametric connection is for now rationed due to the prospects of Rhinoceros basic package.

SD SOFTWARE® is excellent substitution to expensive software packages intended primarily for smaller design offices, shipyards and workshops with capacity up to 10,000 t/year.

Compliance to the customer needs and the total cost of application make SD SOFTWARE® outstandingly attractive.


*In the last 24 months SD SOFTWARE® was successfully tested with 20+ vessels for various clients, from pleasure boats to 2700DWT cargo vessels. More than 60% of work was done by outsourcing.